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If Vakarr had spoken jokingly, to Emi, it was not apparent. What she understood from his words was that someone was relying on her. The very notion of it made her somewhat happy? Or glad? Whatever it was she looked at Vakarr with a decisive look and she nodded to him as if taking on the job of protecting him as well. The bard woman, Vakarr, Tael and Valron had stood up and guarded her from anyone who wanted to harm her and for the first time in her life, she felt compelled to aid them, she owed them that much.

She pulled her cloak back on her sides to reveal the twin short swords on her belt. She did this to reassure them that she knew what she was doing in a fight. But she still wasn't able to control the absorption of souls, but she would have to endure it, if fighting to get out of the city would be inevitable.

"The Barmaid... w-will she... be a-alright?", Emi asked, she still couldn't bring herself to talk without stuttering a little, and her voice kept a medium tone albeit a little on the low.

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