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Turning off resolution scaling?

Originally when I played lower resolution games on my 1920x1080 Nvidia display they would just display at their specified resolution, e.g. 1280x1024 with black bars surrounding it. In the case of KOTOR I was trying to get the videos to display at a higher res, and someone mentioned adding 640x480 as a supported res under the Nvidia control panel -> change resolution -> Resolution (both HD,SD and PC) via the "Customize" button and checking the appropriate boxes.

I tried that, but it had appeared not to have worked. However, when I went back to KOTOR later, I found that the game was skewed to 1920x1080. I unchecked the 640x480 support, but the skewing remains. I also notice that now on the "Customize" dialog 640x480 is no longer on the list of possibilities.

I'm not sure if that is specifically related to my scaling problem, but it is the last thing I remember doing that seems could be affecting things.

I'm using Nvidia Control Panel 3.7.730.01, and my 560 Ti has a driver version of

Is there an option I am just not finding somewhere?


[EDIT: I have seen some comments around the net about not using a DVI cable. I am using one and haven't changed any hardware configuration before encountering this problem.]

[EDIT 2: under "Adjust desktop size and postion", as it only has "2. When my desktop is displayed on my HDTV". ]

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