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Vakarr nodded a second time to Emi after she nodded at him. He would have said something but then Per’da sprung into action. He watched as she tried to move her unconscious friend and even cursed herself for not being stronger. With that she took off with Emi and the tall being that had provided intelligent information. Vakarr let out a sigh as he would have to follow them…which meant running.

He glanced down at the unconscious woman and completed if he should simply kill her on the spot. It was probably a better fate than whatever the Purge could do to her. The thought of a mercy killing? Offering to fight with humans? Was he starting to get soft? Vakarr shivered at the very thought and immediately followed Per’da out the back door. Though speed was not his strong point, he was lucky that she had stopped to tell Emi and the tall one something. Vakarr however did not hear what exactly Per’da told the two. He wasn’t aware of what she had planned. All he would hear was her countdown.

Upon hearing three Vakarr prepared to take his first step towards running. As soon as he took that step though, he found himself moving at a pace that was incredibly quick. He wobbled for a few seconds as he attempted to keep his balance. Per’da moved through these alleys with such grace…Vakarr bumped into walls and looked like a drunk. The scene would have been comical if everyone wasn’t so busy running for their lives.

Vakarr was finally able to adapt to this sudden increase in speed. He had to admit it was quite enjoyable, despite the awful job he did just minutes ago. He heard a gasp escape someone up ahead, but he couldn’t make out who had let out the gasp. He was far more focused on not slamming into the trio as Per’da had stopped. He took this time to catch his breath, rather than view the flames in the Gold District. It wasn’t because he was overweight; it was because speed wasn’t a strength of his. His armor was quite heavy, and he was made for taking damage and dealing damage…not doing flips and running for long periods of time. Per’da then spoke up about heading to the river and started running again. Vakarr rolled his eyes, despite no one being able to see it, and started running as well so that he could be in range for that much needed speed boost.
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