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((What should I do with Valron? Is there anyway I can save him?))

Valron could see the flames that were ravaging the gold district and smiled grimly. This was not an honorable battle, this was going to be a slaughter. The purge were looking to smoke them out and massacre them.

This is not a battle I can win. He thought as he observed a few figures approaching through the smoke and flames that had englufed the gold district.

Valron brought his sword off his back and began heading for the river. There were many twisting corridors and other passages where he could make a stand against the purge who were approaching the district.

A few of the figures it seemed had managed to make their way into the slums already with all of the chaos that had gripped the slums and from the looks of it they were causing more chaos.

"Come purge cowards!" He shouted above the panicked shouts. "Come and face your death at the hands of Valron!"
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