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Taking a deep breath, Per'dra prepared for a dead sprint. She knew exactly where this section of the Riault River lay. She also knew there were several ferrymen waiting to take her and her allies downstream...if they hadn't taken their own boats and done the same thing. Surely the ferrymen knew about the Purge, but the question remained: were they on the Purge's side? The Bard had no chance of knowing, and because of this she was afraid. Nevertheless, Per'dra knew she would rather die by a river rat's hand than by the blood-seeking weapons of that relentless army.

"Hold on!" she told the Reaver and the Elf, clasping hands one last time. Letting out a cry more fit for fighting a battle than for fleeing one, Per'dra burst into a final dash for the river. Unbeknownst to her, others from the Drunkard's Haven were headed in her direction, infused by her own speed. Vakarr was one of these. Tegan and Valron were finding their own path to the Riault, leaping on and over rooftops to escape the soldiers of the Purge...

"At last!" Per'dra gave a yelp of relief once she saw that there were still ferrymen waiting at their posts. Approaching one, she finally slowed down:

"Good sir, please help us! The Purge is destroying and killing all of Paryer!"

"Get in!" a tall and burly ferryman said roughly. "My boat's big enough for the three of ye, and also a few more. Nevertheless, with too much weight it'll sink." He surveyed his passengers. "Who's coming with you for sure, lass?"

"These two," the Bard replied, gazing apologetically at her companions. "I'm sorry to have been so bossy during this past half-hour..." She climbed into the boat along with the others. "As for payment, I--fear I have nothing to give."

"Never mind that! Coin won't save anyone, including us, if we don't hurry..."
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