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Originally Posted by Obi-Wan Bologna View Post
Yeah, I went ahead and finished Goto's Yacht, I do ask for some help on another thing though, I went back to the Ebon Hawk and boarded it and T3 says I got a message from Kelborn, which I'm guessing means the whole Loose Ends as I've heard it described. Issue is, Nar Shaddaa was only my second planet, does this matter, and should I feel obligated to go back to Dxun if it is indeed the Loose Ends? I haven't even been to Korriban or Dantooine yet
If you chose Duxn as your first planet, and then when through Narr Shaddaa, then Kelborn's message is about finishing that planet(though it would've done the same had you done Korriban or Dantooine). And it doesn't go into the "end-game" from that point, it only does once you've done all of the planets.

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