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((Sorry for the late reply, RL issues are getting in the way.))

I still can't believe that I was forced to retreat. Valron thought sadly. He felt nothing but shame, not even fear was coursing through his body now. All that that there was was shame. He was currently running across the rooftops as quick as he could with his armor on.

He could see a small ferry leaving the docking area and a sudden idea came to mind. There was no way he could reach it through normal means such as running through the streets towards it. But it he stuck to the roofs...that might be a different story.

"Make way!" He shouted at the top of his lungs as he pushed himself to run even faster as he jumped off the roof and landed in the water directly next to the boat. His hands desperatly grabbed onto the side of the ferry as he tried to pull himself aboard.

"I apologize for the sudden entrance, but I could really use some help getting aboard right now." He said in gasping breaths. All that running in his armor had exhausted him.
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