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Vakarr was quick to put his helmet back on. Once more his face was hidden by the helmet, as it should be. He heard more noise as more people got on the ferry. There was a higher chance someone could have seen him, and he wouldn't take that risk. He walked back towards the others after hearing the ferryman.

Vakarr looked around at the traveling group once the ferryman mentioned they needed two more rowers. Most of the others seemed exhausted and those that weren't seemed to frail. Vakarr shook his head as it seemed he would have to do this degrading task. First however he walked over to the side of the ship.

With one arm he took hold of the human's arm and started to pull. The human was certainly heavy with his armor, making Vakarr reach out with his second arm. He pulled the human on out of the water and onto the ferry. He then walked over to one of the steering poles and began rowing.

Vakarr was a warrior with great strength. He was stronger than most people he encountered and could lift a two handed sword with ease. His physical strength wasn't his only strength though. Vakarr had a very high endurance and could exert himself further than most. He could also take a few hits that would slow down others. His endurance allowed him to row without getting tired as the others had.

Vakarr noticed Emi had taken the human's spot after he fell down. He said nothing though as he focused on the task at hand. Soon he began to whistle, and then the whistle turned into a hum. The tune he was humming to himself without realizing it was one his mother sang when he was a child.
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