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Vakarr continued to row only half paying attention to the others. What did bring him back to reality so to speak was what Oleg has said. Vakarr glanced over at the dwarf that was with them and only shook his head at the man's ignorance. What struck his never was the thing the barmaid has said.

Half-breed echoed in his head, over and over again. The word was an insult used by the other children to taunt Vakarr, one he didn't like. The humans made fun of him for not fitting in...not being like him. They teased him for being part dark-elf, and how wrong such a thing was. Why would he want to be like them? Why would he want to be a race so full of flaws yet too proud to admit it?

Vakarr stopped rowing, dropping the pole altogether. He turned and in one swift motion drew his long sword with his right hand. He ignored Tegan's words and looked to the barmaid. Despite no one being able to see his eyes, they were giving the barmaid a most threatening death glare.

"You will retract your statement human...or I'll have the personal pleasure of bathing this floor in your blood," Vakarr said.
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