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All the sudden screaming and bickering woke Tael from his sleep. He grunted to himself as he stood up, leaning on the back wall.

"Why should I, when I'm not the one that sucks souls out of bodies?"

"Enough, all of you! Who cares how she helped the dwarves, as long as it can get us through? We have bigger problems than who did what in the past."

"You will retract your statement human...or I'll have the personal pleasure of bathing this floor in your blood."

He sighed to himself, rubbed his head, and turned around, gazing at the rushing river water. In the distance, he say Paryer burning. If he looked closer, he saw a cloaked Purge assassin - staring at him - and then swiftly running back toward the city.

City of Paryer

Athaso Yahaz sprinted as fast as he could away from the river. He couldn't risk being spotted by them, even though the odds were in the Purge's favor. He counted at least five of the heavily armed inhabitants of the Drunkard's Haven occupying the ferry. Clearing his head, he scaled up one of Paryer's walls, using his legs to propel him forward. When he reached the top, he landed with a thud. The guard had no time to react, as he already holstered his crossbow and fired an arrow right between the eyes.

He ran forward, not bothering to reclaim the arrow. He saw another guard, and he unsheathed his stiletto. In a quick movement, he drove the tip of the blade into the back of the guard's neck, between critical points C3 and C5. This fractured his spinal cord, killing him almost instantly.

He hopped down onto the cool grass. Sheathing his stiletto, he pulled out a vial of the highly explosive red phosphorus. He dabbed some of the powder onto the tip of his bow. He put the vial away, held out the crossbow, and pulled the trigger. The potential energy of the arrow flying through the air caused a chemical reaction inside of the red phosphorus, causing it to explode once it reached contact with a human civilian. It blew off a chunk of the man's arm, and he writhed on the ground - screaming.


Uradus Therayn LOVED being a distraction during a battle. It provided more slaughter for him, which was his enjoyment. He spun his chained meat hook in a full 360 degree spin, and then threw it in an overhead arc toward a guard. The tip of the hook tore through the guard's armor and flesh, and it rested in the notch between the collarbone and the neck. Due to the chain's length, it was relatively easy to swing a man with moderate effort. He pulled, and swung the chain, with the man screaming as he spun through the air. He made a sudden pull to his left, and the guard's body smashed into a concrete side of a building.

Parts of the limp corpse were crushed during the impact, and others flew completely off. He pulled the chain to his right, and the torso of the body flew into three other guards. He then pulled the chain backwards, into the air, and then slammed it down, causing an impact that killed one of the guards on contact. The other two ran in terror, but they were easily slain by other Purge soldiers. He laughed to himself as he walked forward, glee in his eyes as he saw his next victim.


Fa'ask Haek burst into the Drunkard's Tavern, blade drawn. Luckily, Athaso was entering in the opposite entrance - blocking off the civilians' only other escape route. Athaso dabbed beryllium onto the tip of his bow, and he released. The bow shot strait into the jugular of a frantic patron, and he collapsed onto the floor, dead. Fa'ask impaled his blade into one of the other patrons, and then used the body as a shield - from a rifleman who just-so-happened to be inside the tavern.

The only bad thing about rifles, was that even though they were more accurate and dangerous than a crossbow, they took forever to reload. The bullet went into the patron's limp corpse, and Fa'ask kicked the corpse forward into the rifleman. It was at this point that a window was sheared, with Uradus walking inside - gleefully. He threw the hook downwards, catching the rifleman by the ankle. He pulled, and the hook cut into the fleshy area between the joint and the main bone. He fell onto the ground, and Athaso fired a crossbow arrow into the man's neck.

Fa'ask delivered an overhead chop to a patron, moving diagonally, which cut the man in two. He moved the blade in a circle at two patrons, and then he threw it at another patron - much like a javelin. At this point, only four patrons remained. One of them threw his beer bottle at Athaso, who simply ducked and fired an arrow into the man's liver. He then unsheathed his stiletto, and sliced the man's neck. Uradus moved his hooked chain in a horizontal sweep, decapitating two of the patrons.

The last remaining patron was on his knees, begging for life. He even offered to help the Purge. Fa'ask simply looked at him, and spit on the ground.

"It's humans like you that make me sick. The world will be a better place without your wandering, cowardly filth.", he said, sourly.

As if on cue, Athaso fired an arrow into the man's skull, puncturing the brain and killing him instantly.

"The Tavern is cleared. Burn it.", said Fa'ask.

Athaso dabbed red phosphorus onto the tip of his arrow, and shot it into a fuel tank near the drink dispensers. It created an explosion, which created an inferno at the bar. The three walked outside, and turned around, watching the Tavern get engulfed in flames.

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