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((Sorry for the long wait, still busy.))

"Oleg? Oleg!"

Valron's eyes snapped open when he heard the woman shout and he quickly got to his feet. The ferryman was dead and whoever had killed him was an excellent shot, he hadn't heard any sounds that might have signled distress on Oleg's part.

"This will not go unanswered." He growled under his breath as he continued to look at the body. This man had helped them escape the purge and this was his reward? He had done nothing to deserve this.

He turned to look at Per'dra and sighed. He had seen quite a bit of death recently and it was only adding to his hatred of the purge. "We should pay our respects to him as soon as we reach land. And I promise you, if we do find his killer, I will let you deliever the killing strike."

He knew that he sounded strange but it was his best way of offering comfort. And he meant what he had said.
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