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City of Paryer

After the Tavern burned to the ground, Ha'ask and Uradus walked into separate districts to continue the slaughter. Then, something hit Athaso as if he was struck by iron. The ferry! He distinctively remembered that the ferry held some of the runaways of the Tavern, and he realized the threat that they posed. Sprinting as fast as he can, he jumped from the city walls into a tree, and used his parkour abilities to try to catch another glimpse of the ferry.

Attaching a scope, he saw the ferry. It was impossible to kill them all, but it appeared that they were sleeping. Almost all - except for the ferryman. The best way to slow them down would be to kill the ferryman, as the others would be put into fright, as they probably don't know how to pilot the ferry. He pulled out his vial of liquid mercury, and he was extremely careful, attaching it to the tip of his bow slowly. He took aim, and fired. He saw it hit its mark; the arrow pierced the man's carotid artery, and the mercury entered his bloodstream. As it reached his heart, the man stopped breathing, and slumped over, dead. He looked over and saw Tael. He remembered how Fa'ask had a grudge with Tael, so he decided to kill him as well. However, the ferry was even more farther away, making the shot harder, and he was rushing it - forgetting to put the mercury on the bow. He fired, and it pierced his armor, resting directly below the left lung. Satisfied, he jumped back onto the wall, and continued the long, slow process of burning down an entire city.


Tael was knocked out, and even as the arrow pierced his flesh, it did little to stir him from his stupor. After everything settled down earlier, he found himself drift into a long, enjoyable nap. He awoke, and heard screaming. He then felt a sudden pain in his chest. He looked down, and to his horror, he saw an arrow through his chest. It rested directly below his left lung, and he could feel his diaphragm brush up against the arrow with each breath he took. He pulled on the arrow, and he ripped it out. Blood began to flow from the wound. It wasn't severe, but it gave him great pain. He pulled off the armor plates on his chest, and he saw blood around the wound over his under shirt. He clasped his hands over the wound - wincing. He didn't want the others to worry. He looked over, his eyes widening in shock.

"Oh my Gods.", Tael gasped, seeing the ferryman and a pool of blood.

The others were probably looking at him and his wound, but he didn't acknowledge them. Instead, he paid his final respects.

"Rest in Peace, Oleg. Find your Gods, find Paradise, and be free from this wicked world.", he said, moving his left hand to close Oleg's eyes. He then made a gesture with his hands, and closed his eyes, obviously praying. He looked down, and saw more blood escape his wound. He promptly moved his hands back over the wound, still kneeling over Oleg's corpse.

The funniest thing about this sentence is that by the time you realize it doesn't say anything it's too late to stop reading it.

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