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Emi had simply shut out the barmaid's comments, she was too busy keeping her rhythm to help Oleg steer, until he spoke up and told them to sleep. She did not fancy this idea, usually in her dreams, the souls she had absorbed began talking again, becoming a nightmare.

But before anyone did anything else, she felt Per'dra fall asleep on her shoulder. Emi's lips curled into a small earnest smile. She then closed her eyes as everyone else rested.

Deep in dreams she suddenly felt cold, a new image forming itself on her subconscious. It was the ferryman.

"But... how... you're...", Emi stopped herself and at that moment sharply opened her eyes to see the dead ferryman. She had absorbed his soul while asleep. He told her he had no way of knowing who killed him and before he could say, she could see the arrow.

"He... could not tell... where the arrow came from...", she simply said, not saying that she absorbed his soul, it was evident by her words.

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