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Vakarr said nothing as he found a place to rest. He went far away from the others as he needed to remove his armor, and for certain trusting issues. He had not forgotten Per'dra's response to him. He could almost taste the fear coming off her. It made sense though, as he did threaten to butcher her friend there on the spot. He might have actually done it too. He shook his head and soon fell asleep.

Vakarr found himself looking over a city. They city was filled with chaos and destruction. Bodies filled the streets, and fire covered the homes. He marched through the city, proud of the chaos caused. He was one step closer to taking over this land. As he moved he heard this crying sound, a woman's voice. He slowly walked into the room and saw a woman on the verge of death. Vakarr slowly walked over to her only to stop a few feet from her. She turned and looked at was his mother...

The sound of someone screaming woke Vakarr up from his confusing dream. He put his armor on and made his way towards the others. When he arrived he noticed Oleg, motionless on the floor. It seemed the others were crushed...but what about him? He barely knew the man, and couldn't really be bothered to care about this event.

It wasn't entirely because Oleg was human. It was because they had only known him for a short while. Had it been some of the others in Oleg's place his reaction would have been the same. He made a small note to get his coin back, making sure he'd do that when the others weren't looking. His main concern was getting them back on the right track.

"The ferryman's dead, and his journey is over. Ours is still going...unless we keep wasting our time with this. We need to figure out where we are, and then get moving again," Vakarr said, not really caring if he didn't sound respectful or not.
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