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Vakarr watched Per'dra give her little speech to Oleg. It was clear she didn't seem to to hear what he had just said...or she feared challenging him on the matter. After giving her speech, he watched as she checked the lantern. He slowly took in the information that they were on a different path. Cherna...the Dark Elves.

Vakarr perked up at this realization. Dark Elves were certainly better than dwarves in his mind. That wasn't to say he hated dwarves though. He had no quarrel with dwarves, but no real concern for them either. Since his mother was a dark elf, he had more of an appreciation for elven kind.

Vakarr got a little insulted by Per'dra's accusations. However he wasn't too hotheaded to act upon them. He only knew his mother, who was kind to him. So what she was saying might be true...might be. Besides there was nothing wrong with being a conqueror. He turned to look at Per'dra.

"Then we are fortunate to have a dark elf amongst our group. I believe we should stay on the path of the dark elves...unless you wish to turn back and attempt to navigate back on the path of the dwarves," Vakarr said to her.
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