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Felucia: Disagree
just seems like an excuse to make pretty graphics and is little more than a stomping ground battle scene. This would have about the same effect overall as other resource rich planets. Just don't see too much reason for it.

Geonosis: Agree very strongly
This was referenced in TSL, it seems like the perfect place for arena battles against other combatants as well as imported animals from all over the galaxy. They should go into the societies on that planet as well as their technology (how ever primitive it may be). Seems like the perfect chaotic (pun intended) neutral stomping ground for a game like this. As a consumer and their customer to be I would want this and some cities (both trade hubs AND native), some technology, along with a back story and some flashpoints and several storylines for each class and its mirror of the opposite alignment.

Seems like the perfect place to shaky alliances to either just fade, to go one way or the other. "Turn up the juice and see what shakes loose" as beetlejuice said. It also seems like the best place for the republic to settle its internal disagreements (that's right PvP and infightingover corruption and powergrabs--this is a WAR afterall)

Kashyyyk: Agree somewhat
Not only would I want to see things like we did in the KOTOR game, but also some of the shores and swamps. Also, wookiees and their dealings make for interesting stories.

Csilla: Agree
Seems particularly relevant to the timeline, IMO the Chiss deserve their time in the spotlight as a whole, and this planet is shrouded in mystery. I like the idea of empire infighting too.

Bothawui: Agree
It seems like it would make for some real plot intrigues, stealth or covert missions. This could also be a chance for some dystopic conspiracy type of plots. Lots of rare or unique goodies. Plus it was an earlier stage for the war so I don't see why there couldn't be a second battle here.

Some suggested planets...

Ord Cestus: I figure if we are using ord mantell, why not also its neighbor? Seems like there could be some relevance here for this time period. Why not a place for secret laboratories and caches? I liked the planet surface of Telos and the story line in TSL, and this seems a good a place as any to include a similar story plot and setting.

Imdar: this may just be my experiences with Rebel Assault 2 (which I still have not beaten), but this planet is like a cross between Dagobah and Endor. It was great, and I think this might be a good place for skirmishes, speeder/swoop chase combat, and some ground fighting.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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