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Only thing I can attest to is that Juyo is going to be the last thing your enemy sees if you spec in the Annihilate tree Just plain brutal and I almost feel bad for using it on my enemies. I swear I can see pixelated tears...

It's not as "instant" as I'd like but with the combination of bleeding, and the stack damage that Juyo builds... it's well built for the tougher elite/champion enemies (ones you have to wear down thousands of hit points). Just make sure to bring a healer (Quinn) or spec in END/STR rather than STR/END if you prefer Vette's 'instant' dps damage.

I've a newfound respect for Quinn, and I honestly have to say I take him with me moreso than Vette BECAUSE of the Juyo Form (most effective in Annihilate tree). 'Over time' damage doesn't lend well to squishy aggro-stealing Vettes.. hehe

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