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Arrow Post a picture of your browser UI

Browsers these days aren't like the olden days where you just downloaded (lol cause no one in their right mind uses Internet Explorer) one and left it looking like its plain default state.

These days everyone customises their web browser in some way since... it's hands down one of the most important programs on anyone's computer. So what does your browser look like? Dazzle and amaze us because I know at least some of you folks have done something different with your browser of choice...

Show spoiler

For me, I use Firefox and cut out all of the extra visible fat as possible to create as much of a minimalist set-up as possible.... of course what you don't see are the billion other tabs I have open in other tab groups and the billion add-ons my Firefox has which I've got going in an orgy of browser goodness... XD

Also, if any of you are wondering where the address bar is, it's hidden and appears when I press F6 (or one of the buttons on my mouse which is set to F6 when Firefox is the focus).

Now it's everyone else's turn let's see what ya'll got. |

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