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Unlike Lynk, I am not a minimalist when it comes to my browser.

I likey teh shinee clicky buttens

Tabs, App Tabs, Bookmarks, Bookmark Folders.. I want it all and at a click away. Add about a dozen extensions to the list and that's pretty much my setup.

My mac browser is a bit on the plain side as I use it for work/freelance. No time for fluff when it's mac time. I do use BlackFox-Blue for appearance as a black browser is better suited to my dim lit studio. BlackFox-Blue Appearance

I can post a pic of my win machine once I'm home.. though it's layout is almost identical to this one since I use Xmarks to synch everything. My mac at home is identical to this pic.. (again, all work, no play).. just MUCH bigger... hehe

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