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The trip to the swamp planet had been uneventful but time passed quickly. Tavaryn was kept busy with Tara whispering in his head and teasing him about his relationship. He could swear that the females he came across saw that he was an easy mark to have fun with. He bore with it and hoped that Alriana was doing fine.

Arriving in the system he had been given his orders to drop in. As soon as he touched down, he said, "Alright Tara activate sensors and scan."

He motioned for his team to move forward. He contacted Komad, "We're moving forward now. What are your orders Master Jedi?"

Ebon Hawk

Jun-la drove her ship with precision while Andros monitored the systems. She smiled at his attentiveness knowing that he was anxious to prove that his modifications could work in an outdated stock freighter like this. She left the flying to him and went to find Alriana. She found the Jedi with the new Shinigami. She asked, "How are you holding up Alriana? Space travel working with you?"

Meanwhile Andros waited until Kalla came with Lenatha and said, "Hi sis. We should be at the system in a couple of hours. This old bird will get us there."

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