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"How are you holding up Alriana? Space travel working with you?"

Alriana smiled despite feeling a bit sick. "I'm not as used to it as I used to be. I'm feeling either a bit of motion sickness or morning sickness, I'm not sure which."

Alriana couldn't help but notice that Xandros had clenched his fists when she mentioned the morning sickness.

"Are you alright?" She asked Xandros. Xandros looked back at her and unclenched his fist. "I'm fine. Thank you for asking." He lied. On the inside he was angry. When he thought of Tavaryn and the jedi together he couldn't help but get angry.


"Admiral! We have enemy ships coming out of Hyperspace!" Garja's voice echoed through the bridge and Belina looked up in shock. She had been expecting enemy ships but not this soon.

"Raise shields and bring turbolasers online! Order half of the ships to take up defensive positions around Dagobah and order the rest to fire on the enemy ships. Try to intercept any landing craft that are heading for the surface. Order the ships around Dagobah to prepare to land troops and vehicles if needed.
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