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"A human such as yourself might actually stand a chance," Vakarr told Per'dra.

Vakarr went back to using the oar to row again. He still felt this task was beneath him, but he was capable at it none the less. Vakarr turned to listen to Emi once she spoke up and nodded his head in agreement with her suggestion. The second time he spoke, he quickened the speed at which he was rowing. He didn't do this because he feared the attacker. No, he wanted to be sure that if they were being followed then he would be ready for a fight. They were all stuck on this boat however and pretty much made easy targets.

"I have no problem speaking with the Dark Elves and asking for them for directions. If this V'toryv has gotten us this far, than it only makes sense to continue on the selected path."

Vakarr was not one to believe in fate. He wasn't a man who felt he had no control over his life. He believed he could do as he wanted, because he wanted to...not because a higher power told him to. In this case though it seemed he had to trust this V'toryv...for now at least. Vakarr sighed at this and looked over at Emi.

"If you wish to break, I have no problem taking another oar" he offered.
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