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"Try to draw them away from the Cave; we can deal with any Troopers that remain."

Tavaryn replied, "Roger that."

He flipped on his scope to get a sense of the numbers. An idea began to form in his mind. He asked, "Scatty, feel like making a little boom?"

Scatty was grinning even though no one could really see her face. She replied, "Always am sir. You thinking on drawing them out that way?"

"Why not?" Tavaryn replied. He began issuing orders to set up the charges and positions.

Have you even taken into consideration the extent of damage an explosion would do?

Tavaryn rolled his eyes and replied, "Yes Tara you old nag. We're going to draw the troopers out and then use the blast."

It was easy said than done. The enemy troopers were soldiers too and they took their cover seriously so it was with great effort that they managed to draw them out that much. Tavaryn was following everything on his scope and he contacted Komad, "Master Kaltas, be ready for a little bang. We've drawn most of them out and will give a little added insurance for success. I suggest taking cover."

Ebon Hawk

"I'm not as used to it as I used to be. I'm feeling either a bit of motion sickness or morning sickness, I'm not sure which."

Jun-la gave a slight smile. She used to feel the same when she was pregnant with Kaillian. She placed a hand on Alriana's shoulder and replied, "Well by my reckoning and taking into account Andros' modifications on this old bucket, we should be there within an hour now."

It was then Jun-la noticed the reaction of the Shinigami. Something was bothering him and it seemed to have started when Alriana mentioned morning sickness. She looked at him and said, "Something must be making you anxious. One doesn't simply clench fists for the sheer hell of it."


Andros motioned for his sister to sit in the pilot's seat. He checked the systems. They had about an hour to where they were going so he could play catch up. He asked, "So you and Tonatius make any plans yet like moving out?"

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