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@ DP: Perhaps you should know more about the mechanics of the fight and the situation we were in before you start criticizing me.

The reason mim was getting so much agro was, as he said, he was using his big heals instead of his small ones. This is because he wasn't geared up at all for hard mode flashpoints and he didn't have that much in the way of daily commendation modifications to be as effective as he probably should have been.

We were basically fast tracking him and trying to get him gear as quickly as possible and skipping a few steps along the way. It may mean that situations come along where he has to use abilities unnecessarily that end up pulling agro away from me.

It's not entirely possible for the tank to hold all of the agro 100% of the time like you seem to expect to do. That's not how it works at all. The way it DOES work is that the team needs to work together to manage threat together, this includes the healer and the dps in the group, not just the tank. Healers need to heal smartly and DPS need to manage their dps level so they don't generate too much threat to pull it away from the tank but at the same time have enough dps put on the boss so it doesn't enrage and **** us all up.

As I said before, since we were fast tracking mim and trying to get him Columi gear as quick as possible, this balance wasn't being met. It took us a few goes during that one particular boss battle to figure out the balance... which is standard operation for a lot of boss battles, particularly in a hard mode flashpoint or an operation.

With each failure we were able to learn and adapt and figure out how to work with the imbalance and succeed in the end. That's how it works, we don't just give up if we fail once or run away and say "i give up" cause it seems too hard and leave the others to die, that's not how teamwork works.

Every time mim pulled agro, I'd taunt and get the agro back on me... the PROBLEM however in this particular situation is that mim is extremely fragile in the state he was in. Even a second of agro pulled meant that his health dropped like a stone. The next problem is that there are 3 different targets I needed to worry about who were all spread out over a wide area. The main boss and then two turrets on either side of the boss which are fare enough away from each other that the AOE taunt is only effective on ONE of the targets at a time which means that I can only effectively taunt TWO of the THREE enemies off of mim, Jeff AND Mav (who are also fragile themselves but not as much) all at once.

But as I said, after a few tries (not too many) we figured out a way to work with the imbalance and we finally defeated the boss even though it took out mim and then Jeff at the end. Mav and I managed to hold out, long enough at the end to take out the two turrets after the boss fell. We also cleverly shared agro at the end so we could make sure that we held out for longer to take out the turrets and all survive to claim our prize.

In a perfect world, I'd hold agro 100% of the time, the DPS and the healers would get no damage and I'd be the only one need healing... but that NEVER happens in an MMO, not even with the best tank on the entire planet because there are things in this game that prevent that from happening simply because they're built into the mechanics of the fight to throw each member of the team off and MAKE you find a way to work around the fact that your obvious skills won't help you so simply.

As I've discovered, that's what makes MMO's cool and I find it really silly when people start complaining cause they don't have a perfect set of skills to hold agro all the time or some crap like that. Every characters moveset is meant to be imperfect because you're meant to play with others and you're meant to use all of the skills of the group to compliment each other and find a balance to defeat the enemies.

It wasn't my fault and it wasn't mim's fault, we just needed to find a way to balance the teams abilities to defeat the boss... which we did, and mim got his Columi chest piece out of it. We win, hurrah! |

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