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Forge: Loom sequel (updated Dec 20th, 2013)

Although there already was another thread for this same topic, I decided to start a new one since the thread's starter is not any more on the team and so I was unable to update the first post. I apologize for the inconveniences this may cause and I ask the administrators to lock the other topic, located here

is proud to share the launch of the new Forge fan-game website and domain. Unfortunately "" wasn't available, but I think "" is simple and clear enough. This choice comes with some changes in the website: don't expect flying swans and interactive distaffs though. There's been a complete revision of the text and some invisible yet useful changes in the code.

For those who aren’t familiar with the project, please visit the Story section in our website. There you will find a synopsis of Forge’s mother-game, Loom, along with a brief explanation of what our fan-made sequel seeks to accomplish.

But since I've posted here, the least I can do is giving a brief explanation:

Forge is an adventure game in the style of early nineties LucasArts' games. It's a full-length game, which will require some hours to be completed. Following the steps of his predecessor, Forge will be less interactive than most of the adventure of those days, because there will be neither a text-parser nor a verb GUI as the main interface. All basic interactions will be done with a single-click, but a special GUI will be used to "draw schematics". Schematics are some sort of spells that can be cast by the main character thanks to his special gauntlets, allowing him to control reality and achieve wondrous effects.

But I think it's time to give you something to "nibble". Let's start with a couple of backgrounds:

Here you can see GUI and the home of Prof.Penumbra, that will help Rusty in his quest.

This is the Guild of Miners, in all its splendour.

And this one's a charming view of one of the caves.

You can find some more in the Gallery section of our website of course.

Some tech info:

Resolution: 320x200
Colour depth: 16 bit
Music&SFX: ogg, 128kbps
Dubbed: complete, only English
Translations: multi-language
Engine: Adventure Game Studio

Current team members:

Abisso: game designer/coder/touch-ups
Selmiak: webmaster
Valecene: proofreader, concept-artist

A lot of other people have been outsourced in these years: graphic artists, animators, musicians.

We're in desperate need of:

-Spriters (pixel-art)
-Background artists (pixel-art)
-SFX technicians

And we gladly accept also:
-English voice-actors

I strongly encourage you to check our Tech Demo, visit our Forum and drop a message in the Project Assistance Sub-Board.

The plan is to release a demo this Spring: that will be the last demo before the full-game release and it will look exactly like it, except it will only be playable until the end of Chapter One.

I hope the demo will trigger a cycle of enthusiasm and help us fill the missing positions in our team. Even now any contribution is more than welcome, be that a Donation or an offer to volunteer your skills.

[i]Donors will receive:

CREDIT! It goes without saying that you’ll receive credit for your generosity on our website / forum / completed game.

CUSTOM REQUEST! Want to see something personal in Forge? You’ll have the chance to ask our team to include something meaningful to you, be it a bit of dialogue, an item, a special animation, etc. We do have to keep this within reason ( e.g., no chickens with pumpkin heads ;p ), so conditions do apply; but we’ll work with you to make it special.

BRAG! You have the right to tell people: «Hey, I worked on that game!» wink.

Stay tuned for more information, and please visit us often!

20 December 2013 Update

Forge: Chapter One has been released.CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD IT.

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