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Per'dra did so, guiding Tael toward the warm blaze and the campsite. Inspecting his wound, she cried, "Oh, gods!" In her line of work spinning tales, and even fighting duels, she'd never been so alarmed at the sight of blood. Of course, whenever she'd been hurt in the past, she'd been safe back in Paryer and in easy reach of bandages and salves. Now, however, she was out in the middle of a forsaken forest on the Cherna River...

"Oh, come on, don't fret," the barmaid Meara interjected. "This tear is bad, but it's not the worst I've seen. Drunken idiots have suffered more than this, and you're no drunken idiot." Without another word, she ripped a strip of cloth off of the long sleeve of her dress and began to tend to Tael's wound. Her friend lent a hand, although she was rather inexperienced as a medic. Still, dueling had forced her to learn the basics of first aid.
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