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Two words immediately flashed through Per'dra's mind when the mysterious woman spoke: V'toryv and no. She feared that too many strangers--who had now become acquaintances, but were still strangers nonetheless--knew about the Great Wyrm and the mission to which she herself had called the Bard. Instead of mentioning anything about her nightmares as she had before, or what the Elf had revealed to her at the Drunkard's Haven, Per'dra spoke of more immediate matters. What were they now but a band of misfits on the run from something they couldn't defeat?

"We've all come from the city of Paryer," Per'dra explained, "which has just recently been destroyed by a vast army calling itself the Purge. Its goal is to wipe out everything and everyone in Sazhen', unless they convert to the Purge's cause. It's ironic, because the Purge claims to want to rid this realm of all evil and wickedness. They cannot see the darkness within their own hearts." Pausing for a moment, she continued, "I guess you could call us refugees. We have experienced a loss recently, that of our ferryman, and we've burned his raft as a funeral pyre. And to throw the Purge off course."
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