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Ebon Hawk

"I'm not as used to it as I used to be. I'm feeling either a bit of motion sickness or morning sickness, I'm not sure which."

"Flying to Naboo at top speed in a Jedi Starfighter is worse." Kalla commented, sympathizing with Alriana.

"So you and Tonatius make any plans yet like moving out?"

Turning to her brother, she then asked, "What do you mean? Tonatius and I have had our own place for a while now."


"Master Kaltas, be ready for a little bang. We've drawn most of them out and will give a little added insurance for success. I suggest taking cover."

"Understood." Komad sent back. "We've made it to the cave. May the Force be with you."

As they entered the cave, they heard a voice come from behind them. "I hoped you would come, Master Skywalker." Darth Vokun called out.

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