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I've fixed it now Looks nice. Learning how to skin and texture now. I've got some results so far. But, do you know what to do if I want one jpg file for just the face and another jpg file for the beak and back head and so on? I could map it out in one jpg file but it becomes so small and undefined.. very pixelish. I haven't used more than 512x512 yet though... I dunno if I should use very big resolutions.

Hehehe just a first test... the beak yellow goes too far, and only used 3 colors so far, just to test.

But yeah. Mapping the entire head is a bit much in one jpg file, I think, because of the beak and so on. Would I have to make extra segments and stuff?

I'm wondering because in 3ds max, I can only apply one texture to the whole head (including the beak, unless it was separate). I'd just like to let one texture give information about the face, and another about the rest of the head.

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