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(Kalla and Tonatius do actually have their own quarters aboard the Ackbar)

Ebon Hawk

"I suppose we'll need to make room for the baby when the time comes, so I'll let you know." Kalla replied.


Recognizing the voice, Master Skywalker turned around to face the Sith Lord, drawing his lightsaber. "Komad, get to the Force Nexus. Tywin, Quinlan, help the Guardsmen." He instructed.

"Even if he destroys our work here, it won't make a difference. It's only one among thousands." Vokun taunted, taking the first swing.

"One what among thousands?" Kol asked, narrowly dodging.


As Komad approached the Force Nexus, he could feel its presence in the Force getting stronger and stronger, far more than it normally should have. When he got into view of it, he noticed a large tripod-like device at its exact spot. As he approached, the energy from the device overwhelmed him, and he could feel it stretching out to the farthest reaches of the Outer Rim, and reaching all the way back to Coruscant, but this connection was artificial, even if it was through the Force. When he came to his senses, Komad acted on instinct, and cut the tripod in half with his lightsaber.

"This is worse than any of us thought." He said to himself.

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