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Leader? Per'dra wasn't sure she liked the term, or if it suited her. It fit like a too-large set of clothes, leaving her to stumble and trip over the sagging parts! After all, wasn't a leader a hero--someone who was mighty in battle, almost invincible, and so righteous that he or she wouldn't even think of doing wrong? Wasn't a leader someone that the Purge might very well torture to have on their side, instead of kill outright? Wasn't a leader someone far stronger than she?

I'm simply fleeing for my life, she thought, a slum-dweller sent on a mission by an unknown force. Who knows if we'll even succeed? A true leader knows we will, but I? I did not face the Purge with any courage. I just ran...

"What's the Network?" she blurted out, not even realizing she was clearing the previous thoughts from her mind. "And what kind of information would be so classified that a beautiful stranger here in this forest knows it, but not a King?" She withdrew her hand at first from the vicinity of the mysterious woman's fingers, but then reconsidered. "I think all of us could use another ally against the Purge, because we need all the help we can get against an army that size..." Hesitantly, she placed her palm within the stranger's own.
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