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Vakarr never took his gaze away from this mysterious woman. He found it quite odd that she was out here, all alone. Her eye color was one thing that made him raise a brow. She was human, wasn't she? That wasn't what bugged him though. What bugged him was that she had found this group in no time. Things seemed a little too... convenient for his tastes.

For the time being though, he followed the group to the fire she had. His gaze met hers for a few seconds as she looked around at the group. Was she silently judging him, like he was judging her. The others began to speak about a few things that didn't interest him...mainly the ferryman. What caught his interest was the mentioning of the dwarves. Per'dra didn't bring them up, this mysterious woman did. This only made Vakarr even more suspicious of this woman.

What he saw next took his completely off guard. The woman removed her glove, claiming this group could trust her simply by touching another's hand. The very thought of it was so silly that Vakarr almost broke into laughter. What did take him over the edge so to speak was that Per'dra actually went for it as she clasped hands with the woman. He let out a deep laugh which was just a bit eerie to listen to.

"You can't be serious about this? Am I the only one who finds it odd that we found this woman so quickly after being attacked? That perhaps she's a spy working with the Purge? That we're really suppose to believe she is trustworthy because she can touch hands? I'm sorry, but I find that very hard to believe," Vakarr said.
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