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Onyx gave a salute to the Shade before he walked off. He needed to find the sergeant and speak with her about a few things. For one thing he wanted to inform her that he had a private comm line all set up for them. He also had almost everyone's vitals on his wrist device. He was missing the Shade's vitals as he obviously didn't have access to it. He wanted to ask her what he should do about that, or if he would just have to go without it. He also wanted to see if that scientist was going to be joining them or not. That way he could get her vitals and set her up on the comm as well.

As he rounded the corner he nearly bumped into the scientist and jumped back. He shut off his computer and slowly looked at her. Lucky for him those shades hid any sort of nervousness he was feeling at the moment.

"S-sorry about that. I uh just was in a hurry. Say uh, are you...are you coming with us?" he asked Cadice.
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