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"Two more enemy ships destroyed Admiral. But the Mon Mothma has lost her command crew to a suicide attack that breached the bridge shields. The surviving crew are attempting to reach the secondary bridge. They report that the ship is suffering from power surges from various systems that have been caused by the destruction of the bridge."

Belina looked up from the console that was showing the surviving ships from both sides. She thought for a moment. "Have the Shan and the Riken cover the Mon Mothma until they get those power surges under control. Status of the rest of the fleet?" She asked Garja.

"We have seven ships remaining out of the nine that arrived with us. The sith fleet is attempting to regroup from the loss of one of their heavy destroyers."

Belina smiled as she looked at the deployment of the sith fleet as they regrouped. The deployment had left the starboard side of one the larger ships vulnerable! There was no way that they could turn in time before they took quite a bit of damage.

"Target that Warship and fire all turbolasers and Torpedoes!" Belina ordered. The Ackbar let loose with a salvo of torpedoes and turbolasers that slammed into the shields and took them out after about half a minute. The sith warship attempted to turn to bring it's port shields around but before it could, a second salvo of weapons fire slammed into the ship's engines. Belina smiled as she saw the engines flare out and small explosions began to rip across the ship before a larger one engulfed the bridge.

"Select your next target and begin firing."

Ebon Hawk

"I think there is something troubling our Shinigami friend and it's not the mission."

"I've noticed that as well." Alriana said quietly. "I'm starting to think think that he may have...feelings for me." She couldn't help it as her cheeks turned slightly red. "I don't know how to tell him about Tavaryn and I but I have a feeling that if I do...something bad might happen."

Abandoned resistance base

"Sir! Sensors are picking up a small sith shuttle floating out near the base!"

"Are there any other ships out there? And get me information on that shuttle. I want weapons status."

"The ship has minimal weapons systems and the shields are offline. It appears to be in some sort of stealth mode. We only detected it because there was a small spike in energy readings when it passed through a dust cloud. The ship appears to be drifting."

The Pirate captain smiled. "Prepare a boarding party. A sith vessel of any kind is bound to be worth quite a bit."
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