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Vakarr smiled a hidden smile as he looked around at the others. He was glad to see that people agreed with them. What he was most appreciative of was Tael's claim at him being a potential leader. He would make an expectational leader, one they needed. Not that he didn't have faith in Per'dra. She was proving to be competent enough.

Suddenly Vakarr found himself somewhat irritated with Per'dra. The slightest growl suddenly emitted from his throat when she spoke to Emi. His annoyance grew when she welcomed Akeirra. Vakarr still didn't trust this woman, and a few others didn't either. He shook his head in disapproval.

"I'm still not convinced, and don't think we should welcome her just yet." Vakarr said.

He looked to Akeirra before slowly taking off one his his gauntlets, revealing a gray hand. He slowly walked over to Akeirra, only needing to move a short distance as he was on the other side of Emi. He held his hand out to Akeirra. He soon however took it away.

"Forgive me Miss Akeirra, but if your trust though touch truly works I wish to see this for myself. " Vakarr said as he stuck his hand back out.
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