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Help with Crew Skill...

Alright I have no clue what I'm doing wrong with crew skills. I know on my first character I just waited too long before starting them, so I had to purchase crafting material from the network to make any progress with Biochem, but with my second character I have killed and scanned anything and everything and still can’t keep up with demand. It has been far better than my first try and she is about as the same level in biochem as my smuggler, but do I just have to breakdown and purchase materials from the network to get anywhere? Or do you have to constantly retrace your steps and kill the same thing over and over to have sufficient materials?

Bioanalysis is great, I’m motoring right along with it, even have it maxed out with my smuggler. Diplomacy is easy too. Had to add on to my cargo hold to store all the materials it nets me, too bad it isn’t a better assortment.

I am really tempted with my next character to just give him/her Gathering and Mission skills and then sell that stuff on the Network and buy what I need off the Network.
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