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"I think that to be on the safe side, we should be wary of her.", Tael said, trying to draw a compromise.

City of Paryer

Uradus swung his chained hook, killing two civilians. As he walked forward, he heard weeping in the building next to him. A child. A look crossed his face as he turned, seeing a little girl, roughly six years old, standing in the doorway - crying. As he rose his chain, he heard the unmistakable click of a loaded crossbow.

Don't even think about it., a voice intruding his mind said.

He turned his head to see Athaso, holding his crossbow in his outstretched right arm, finger resting on the trigger.

"What?", Uradus asked bitterly. Athaso always did bother him.

Are you so fallen that you must take the life of a child, one who has just lost her family?, the voice replied, coldly.

Athaso never did speak directly. He always preferred to speak telepathically - a technique he learned from some old book.

"She just lost her family! I'm doing her a favor!", Uradus shot back.

It is morally wrong for one to take the life of a child, no matter what position they might be in. The Purge should not stoop so low to take the life of one who hasn't even had an actual life yet - but alas, animals like you do it anyway!, the voice said.

"Your validity is unneeded. We're Purging this world of the evil and the wicked, and killing her would spare her from the memory of watching her whole family slaughtered!", Uradus said, gripping his chained hook.

You easily fall into the category of evil and the wicked. I've watched you kill. You enjoy the bloodshed as if it is a wonderous feast for you - the glory you get from the lakes of blood on your hands, the piles of bodies inside of cities scorched from our eternal flames. I merely kill because I believe that it is necessary - you kill for glory, and you lust for wanton slaughter., the voice paused, then continued.

The Purge does not need a liability like you, you wicked animal.

It was then that Uradus noticed the glint of mercury on the tip of his arrow. He would easily be able to shear the arrow with his chained hook once it was in the air, but Athaso had a stiletto, and was much faster than him. The odds were stacked evenly: Athaso had speed and flexibility, while Uradus had size and strength. But before either could fight, however, he felt his whole body slam into a wall. Strangely, it happened to Athaso as well. He turned to see Fa'ask, who used telekinesis to slam each other backwards into opposite walls.

"You two on the verge of nearly killing each other, again?", Fa'ask asked, obviously knowing the answer. Noticing the child still standing at the doorway, he made a swift motion with his hand - a knife plunged into her neck, killing her instantly.

"Save your anger for the rest of the wicked in this city.", Fa'ask said, walking away.

The funniest thing about this sentence is that by the time you realize it doesn't say anything it's too late to stop reading it.

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