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Tavy you awake yet?

Tavaryn opened his eyes as he heard the annoying voice of Tara. "Yes I hear you," he muttered, "I already have one nag in my life and I don't need two."

I'm sure the chief of security of the Ackbar would love to hear you say that.

"And if you say anything, I'll pull the plug," Tavaryn replied in mock sterness. He grimaced as he shifted in the hold that he had been protected in. He was lucky or rather the Force had been with him. "Comm lines open?"

Yes sir

"Patch me through to Master Komad and make sure the team picks it up."

When he heard the click he said, "Master Komad, all is well. What are the orders?"

Tariq heard the LT and kept his enthusiasm down even though the rest of the team was giving cheers. They all looked up to the LT and had been worried. He relayed up to the Ackbar, "Alpha Team reporting success in getting the Jedi in."

Ebon Hawk

Andros grinned at his sister and turned to pay attention to the ship's controls. He had given her a power boost and he wanted to make sure the old girl could handle it. He said, "We should be there in under an hour."


"I've noticed that as well." Alriana said quietly. "I'm starting to think think that he may have...feelings for me." She couldn't help it as her cheeks turned slightly red. "I don't know how to tell him about Tavaryn and I but I have a feeling that if I do...something bad might happen."

Jun-la nodded. "The better though I think he hears it from you. If you need support you know I will be there for you."

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