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"Alpha Team reporting success in getting the Jedi in."

Belina could barely hear the transmission over the sound of turbolasers hitting the shields. She quickly moved over to the comn station and began speaking. "Good work! But we have a problem up here: A Sith battlegroup dropped out of hyperspace. We will not be able to retrieve you until they have been dealt with. This may take awhile."

One of the consoles on the other side of the bridge erupted into flames as a powersurge ran through it.

"Get that fire out!"

Ebon Hawk

"Hey. I don't believe that we are properly acquainted. I'm Valek."

Xandros took the offered hand and nodded in greeting. "I am Xandros. It's a pleasure to meet you. I don't know that many people from this time period."

"The better though I think he hears it from you. If you need support you know I will be there for you."

Alriana laughed nervously. Oh, I think I'll need support alright. From what I've heard Xandros saved my life more then a few times back during the purge without me ever knowing. How can I just tell him it's not going to happen after he saved my life back during the purge? My heart belongs to Tavaryn...but Xandros deserves better then a flat-out rejection."

She laughed nervously again and then grabbed her head in pain as she felt a sharp pain. She could hear laughing through their link and a child screaming. "T-The child..." She gasped out in pain. "I think someone got to her before we did. We need to go faster."
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