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"This is Tywin. Interference from the cave is keeping us from reaching Kol or Komad, but we're on our way to you." Master Mede sent out, in response to Tavaryn's message.


As Master Skywalker blocked another of Vokun's blows, he felt the excess Force energy dissipating within the cave. He could tell that Darth Vokun sensed it too, but the Sith Lord was far more taken aback by it then he was. Seeing the opportunity, and knowing the results of past attempts at interrogating Sith, Kol simply drove his lightsaber into Vokun's chest.

When Komad approached, Kol simply said, "If we had taken him alive, he would have killed himself anyway. What was down there anyway?"

"A Force Relay; I destroyed it as soon as I knew what it was." Komad explained.

"I can't believe the Sith have actually built one, but you were right to destroy it. Victory or defeat, this war is going to be over a lot sooner than we thought." Kol commented.


As soon as they exited the cave, Komad noticed a flashing light on his communicator, indicating he had missed a message. Activating it, he sent to Tavaryn, "We're done here; make for the ATT's!"

Ebon Hawk

Listening in on Alriana and Jun-la's conversation, Kalla suggested, "I kind of put my ex-girlfriend through something similar a few years ago, and we're still good friends now. Maybe we could get her to talk to him."

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