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In the Forest of Trepidation, along the Cherna River

Even though it was still daylight out, Per'dra moved among its trees and brush as cautiously as if night had fallen. The Dark Elves were renowned for their stealth and assassination skills, with camouflage being a close third. Hired killers and lookouts for the Purge could be everywhere--not to mention hostile and territorial locals. That was why she and the others only dared to speak to one another if it was absolutely necessary. Still, the unique sounds of their footsteps in the forest were as unmistakable as messages in code.

The Bard's own tracks were fox-like, hesitant: Slip! Slip! Tap! Slip...

In contrast, those of Vakarr were forceful: Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

The Reaver's footfalls were light and nervous: Skitter, skitter, skitter...

Tael, though a warrior, made each step deliberately: Crunch, crunch...

Hopefully, any strangers that they came across would take them for a band of hunters, although who would need this many people along to go hunting? If all else failed, Per'dra would tell any who encountered them that they were refugees from the Purge. This was true, and besides, who else needed to know about V'toryv and the fateful mission upon which she'd sent them? In a sudden flash of insight, Per'dra realized that was the reason why Akeirra had not been able to perform telepathy upon her as easily as she'd expected.

The Great Wyrm was protecting her consciousness from intrusion. She had to be. Otherwise, Per'dra knew that she herself could easily fall victim to torture or mind-reading tricks from skilled mages affiliated with that wicked army. In spite of Akeirra's helpfulness so far, and skill in helping to save Tael's life, the Bard still didn't trust her completely. She'd just have to wait and see...
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