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Vakarr had a hidden smirk on his face as he too felt nothing but her bare hand against his own. Then he felt a tingling feeling in his palm. The feeling moved from his palm, down to his fingers and up the rest of his arm.

Images began flashing in Vakarr's mind. He didn't know what he was seeing at first, but soon heard Akeirra's name. Something about the Network, and the dwarves. The most important bit he saw was the warning of the Purge, and to avoid them. She couldn't be working with them.

Vakarr took a step back when she let go of his hand and held her head. He quickly put his gauntlet back on, wanting to move out as well. He had gotten images from her, and knew she had gotten some from him. He knew exactly what she got too.

Images of his mother and a younger version of him were the first things she would see. The death of his mother and him crying would come next. His hatred of the Purge, proving his loyalty, came next. His desire for power was thrown in as well. Lastly came this little group, and what he thought of them. Some were put up...much much higher than the others...and now Akierra probably knew that.

Vakarr stayed silent as they walked. His footsteps were much louder than the others. Given his height and armor, it made sense. He followed Per'dra, still recognizing her as the group's leader. He never spoke to her about the growl from earlier, and was certain she let it pass...or she feared bringing it up. He glanced over at Emi for a few seconds before looking away. Did she fear him as well? Vakarr sighed quietly as they continued walking.
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