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Originally Posted by Canderis View Post
What are you doing about the lightmaps? Wont it still appear light even if the textures show its night?
I thought about this and am definitely open to suggestions.

Also, can somebody give me some help for Manaan? I got a real nice sunset going in Photoshop, but in-game it won't appear. Here is an image of the sunset:
Show spoiler

In-game, the only thing I see is possibly a green film on the horizon.

Also, in reply to the other comments, I could do something that could be seen as being a jerk to Mandalore or overly thorough. In some EU books after Episode 6, Dark Force Rising to be exact, it mentions "Point five past lightspeed" in hyperspace. That equals out to 450,000 km per second. Also in the EU, in the Black Fleet Crisis trilogy, Lando mentions the galaxy as being 20,000 lightyears across. I can do the math, scale it onto the Galaxy map, and then give the figure for the travel time between planets.

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