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The Forest of Trepidation had not earned its nickname for naught. Not only did it harbor possible scouts and assassins for the Purge, but also poisonous foliage and concealed traps. The Dark Elves used many of these for hunting game, but not the ones tipped with mercury and a native concoction called dur'natha. Animals were not the prey they sought with these particular snares. It was a well-known fact in Sazhen' that several races, including the Forest Elves and Umbermen, considered the Dark Elves evil to the core and sought to eradicate them. Thus, the Dark Elves fortified their homeland with every possible defense. Their imposing capital city, Tener'ixal, with the X making an "sh" sound, was actually a darker and more convoluted version of the Forest Elves' treetop home. Unbeknownst to everyone in this ragtag band of courageous adventurers, they were walking right underneath it until...

"Agh!" Per'dra gritted her teeth as a trap closed tightly around her foot.

"My lady!" Meara, the barmaid who had so far been bringing up the rear of the group, suddenly barreled forward and almost knocked several party members to the ground. "Is it--is it poisoned?" She'd heard rumors about such things.

"I don't know," the Bard replied, practically gasping the words, "but get it off!" As Meara frantically tried to locate the spring mechanism for the trap, the rest of the group noticed that, as they looked up, hundreds of bows were drawn in the trees above. All of them contained sharp arrows ready to fire...
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