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The voice echoing down through the forest's immense and gnarled trees was not only threatening, but loud enough to make the Dark Elven archers freeze. They remained poised like statues, bows still drawn, not daring to breathe. The wrath of the presence that commanded this voice was great and terrible. None dared oppose the Lord of the Hunt, Un'adrubin, Captain of the Guard of Tener'ixal. He stepped to the ledge of one of the treetop city's platforms--the one supporting the royal palace, which vanished into thick violet haze.

"You are trespassing in our homeland, the Forest of Trepidation!"

Wiping tears from her eyes, Per'dra coughed and cupped her hands to her lips:

"My lord, we realize this, but we have no other choice. We're lost, having been diverted from our course along the Auris River by...rather unforeseen circumstances. With our ferryman dead, now burning on the raft that he once commandeered, we have no idea how to locate the Intertwining of the Seven Snakes of the Riault River. We shall leave once we have new directions."

Complete silence. After sixty tense seconds, the Captain of the Guard said:

"Truly? What are these 'circumstances' of which you speak?"

"The Purge. They slew the ferryman, and are now coming for us all..."
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