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The voice of the Lord of the Hunt thundered through the trees once more:

"One of the True, our own sacred children, deigns to speak to me? Who are you, dark daughter, and why are you traveling with this band of the False?" A slight pause. "Why have you not been here with us all along?" Almost all of the Dark Elves referred to themselves as "the True," because they believed themselves to be the only real Elves and race blessed by the gods of Sazhen. Forest Elves, they believed in turn, were merely corrupted reflections of their own image. Forest Elves, incidentally, professed faith in the reverse doctrine. Who was right? None could tell.

When no one answered Un'adrubin immediately, he cleared his throat and said:

"True One, you and the Spy shall enter our city immediately and tell us everything you know concerning this 'Purge'. The rest of you shall be held captive underneath the threat of our arrows until I myself know all is well."
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