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Is the bonus to a complete armor set only for epic gear, or does it apply to all gear, high and low? I'd like to complete my Mercenary Foundry armor, because the leggings and boots make me look kind of ridiculous at the moment, but since Foundry boots and leggings are rare, I'm not sure if I should wait to complete the set to apply my high-end mods, unless there's an extra bonus for doing so. Alternately, if anyone can commend bronze-colored leggings and boots (orange items) to go with the Foundry Chestpiece, it'd be close enough.

About the items gained from daily commendations: where do I get mods other than the barrels and armoring that can be bought at the Belsavis and Ilum vendors? Are those the items that drop from the daily heroics?

Lastly, for those who might not know (it is sometimes not included in guides on daily commendations), there's a space mission, Operation Ascendant Pride for Imperials and Operation New Eclipse for Republicans, that gives 2 daily commendations. Pretty important for those that only do the soloable dailies.

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