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TOR ate my KotOR
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I don't really think the missions are hard...I just had the system go down while doing a space mission and I was caught in conversation mode and couldn't get out. Now I'm just paranoid.

I liked space missions way better before I got proton torpedoes, just can't get the hang of it now.

Alright this is open to only those in the Walking Carpets. I have biochem up to 400, so if anyone (again in the guild) needs a implant, stims or adrenals send me a shout when I'm in TOR or PM me here with what you want (what your key Attributes is or what stims or adrenals you want). I’m willing to make up to four implants (2 each) for you and your priority companion…If I like you I may even be willing to make you a few extras (which leaves Lynk and acdcfanbill out). /not being rude to the Meatbags, just my agent isn't to the point where she can do this or afford to do this/

Most of my stuff is standard, but I have some above standard stuff at level 29 and 41.

Next question does anyone actually use adrenals? I never have because 15 seconds isn’t worth my time, but they seem to give some decent stats in those 15 seconds. Am I wrong as usual, are they worth using?

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