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Emi watched as the whole scene took place in front of her. All the mistrust, all the judging, all the hatred and the pride of each race present.

"Why...?", she said almost in a whisper, her head bowed down as if she was looking at the ground. Her hood covered most of her hair and the right side of her face was completely covered by her long locks of bluish-black hair. She suddenly lifted her face to look at Vakarr, Per'dra and the present Dark Elf warriors.

"Why must you always seek to battle others over such trivialities?! Why can't we all live in peace and just respect the dignity of those around us?! Why keep drawing blood of those who aren't our enemies?!", she mostly screamed this, her eyes overflowing with tears, but not so much of sadness but most of all of rage; rage for being so helpless. She fell to her knees right after saying all of this, her hands on her face.

"No matter what I do I can't get rid of this... why can't I just fade... this world is horrible, all creatures are mean, evil, twisted things... is there no hope for peace in this world at all?", she said those words in the clearest voice that normally, anyone who had come into contact with her, would never suspect she had in her. She got up and placed herself in front of Vakarr to face the Dark Elf warrior.

"I made a promise to watch his back. I am going to keep that promise", she said firmly as there wasn't any indication that the Dark Elf would stand down. She didn't do this to upset Vakarr, nor to give any indication that he was weak in some way, but she had indeed promised to watch his back, and him hers and she would keep her vow. Even if Vakarr had only said those things to Emi to make her feel better, but to her, this was serious business.

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