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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by snommism View Post
I've been teasing my guild how I have been 50 for about 24hours (at the time) and already had 1 Rakata, 3 columi and 3 Tioneese pieces
I heard Jeff got that lucky the other night. Something like 5 rakata pieces in a run of HM Eternity.
Originally Posted by snommism View Post
How's your healer doing these days?
Only tried one HMFP since then and failed miserably. Directive 7, overall I felt better about my healer, there still major room for improvement, the final boss proved I still have major problems healing and moving. The smugglers small heals that can be done while moving just are not very affective with the amount of damage being dealt and if I stop long enough to do a big heal, I’m toast. After that night I was ready to quit TOR altogether or at least stick with playing the game strictly solo. Lynk talked me down off the cliff.

Someone got me to believe Directive 7 was easier than The False Emperor when I agreed to go on it, not really sure that was intentional or not.

I was still way under equipped to face a HMFP IMO. Since then I have gotten my ear piece and I’m working on getting my other two implants before I tackle another HMFP.

I’ve also have since gotten my Crew Skills maxed out, so I also have better med packs to use on myself.

I have found a few other things as far as weapon and armor that I have since upgraded/replaced. I was still using a level 24 color crystal until last night. Not really sure until I try another HMFP if any of this will do any good, but it has sure made doing dailies a lot easier. Now I’m able to do them without any deaths and have gotten to where I have can take the time to heal some 50 newbies having a little trouble with their dailies.
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